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Integrative Cancer Support

As you begin your cancer journey, I can assist you through your own very personal experience. My goal 

is to empower you with the vast amount of information I have learned on this journey, and

 offer you key steps to return balance, wholeness and healing to your life

What our customers are saying

Each patient carries his own doctor inside him.

We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within...a chance to go to work.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer, medical missianary

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Although modern oncological treatment methods have increased survival rates for a host of cancer patients, it is my vision to help these and other patients understand, evaluate, and access additional therapeutic options that can further improve disease outcome. My counseling, information and referral service provides individualized guidance to patients and caregivers nationwide to help enhance nutritional, psychological and immune status, prevent recurrence, minimized treatment side effects, improve quality of life, and optimize survival. Patients undergoing treatment for cancer often suffer from compromised immune function, low blood cell counts, lack of appetite, poor energy, weight loss, digestive disturbances, pain, anxiety and depression. Other patients are not candidates for, have failed on, or refuse conventional oncologic treatment.

The information I provide is science-based, but always patient-driven. By empowering individuals with cancer to take charge of their health and wellness, many will be able to lead more productive lives and avoid much of the emotional, physical, and financial trauma often experienced by cancer patients and their families.

My services are available in person, by phone, and by internet.


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"It is not the physician who heals, but nature.

All mankind nee​ds for good health and healing

is provided in nature....the ch​allenge

to science is to find it."

~Paracelsus, the Father of Pharmacology~