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Naturopathic Services

A lot of us suffer mentally, physically and emotionally. We have become victims of our own abuse. We can suffer from a limited belief system and from the made up stories that we tell about ourselves. We suffer from fear or anger, resentment, guilt or shame. But the #1 thing our body suffers from is Toxemia and Malnutrition. This is the root of all diseases. Toxic food, Toxic chemicals, and even Toxic thinking and lack of adequate Life-giving nourishment. We offer life-changing tools that have consistently helped people around the world cleanse, rebuild, and renew their life to obtain perfect health.

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Nutritional Therapy -

The Answer to Chronic Illness

Helping the sick get well through nourishing the body with an abundance of quality nutrients. It is a process of: Restore, Rebuild, Repair.

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Functional Methylation Testing

Methylation is a vital metabolic process that happens in every cell and every organ of our body. If there is a genetic SNP or deficiency of needed nutrition or supplementation, the body malfunctions. This can be the underlying cause of many diagnosed diseases. We can now test for these and assist you in correcting them.

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Whole Food Supplementation

Our formulas are Whole-Food Plant-Based, utilizing whole food vitamins, patented chelated (organic) minerals, pure plant enzymes, and stabilized probiotics. Use practitioner code: OHSSDAY for 10% off first order.

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Accelerated Lymphatic Movement

This is a cleansing process for the lymphatic system. This technique offers a unique way to release and cleanse the body/mind/spirit of all unwanted and dangerous waste so that the body can heal itself.

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RAINDROP Technique

RAINDROP Therapy is a healing technique using pure essential oils. Raindrop Therapy combines aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and moist heat to create healing and cleansing through structural and electrical alignment to the body. The purpose of the therapy is to bring total balance, harmony, and body wellness - mental, physical, and emotional

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Bach Flower Remedies

Get Balanced! Bach flower remedies have been known to banish anxiety and depression, improve memory, de-stress the mind/body/spirit.

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Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna

From pain relief, weight loss, detoxification, strengthening the immune system, mental health improvement to beauty indulgences, the benefits of infrared sauna have also be used to effectively treat autoimmune diseases including many cancers.

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IonCleanse Foot Bath Detox

Ionic foot detox is a revolution in natural medicine, utilizing negative and positive ions to bring the body back into balance, removing toxins, free radicals, and body waste products that can cause health problems.

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Chiropractic Massage Chair

Medical Breakthrough chairs are more than just massage chairs. They were designed to help heal your body. The first massage chair engineered to help fix your posture, reduce pain throughout your entire body, and improve your asleep.

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Nothing said, done, performed, typed, printed, or produced by anyone associated with Natural Wellness With Sheila PMA, is intended or meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat a disease, or to take the place of a licensed physician. Nor do we make any claims that suggestions given will cure or prevent any condition. Furthermore, we do not claim that any supplemental materials suggested or given will cure any condition.